We currently support many different missionaries both home and abroad. We support them both financially and through prayer. To donate to or volunteer for a specific mission project see the description for a link to their page.

Don and JoAnn Wright - Reaching Japanese for Christ

Don and JoAnn request that we pray for God’s vision for RJC, that they might effectively grow the network and mightily touch Japan for Jesus, by reaching Japanese residing in North America. And also pray for the people in the Tohoku disaster area (Northeast Japan).

Dale and Janis Simpson

Greetings to the Preston Family:

Thanks to all who help support our work and daily needs! 


Our trip to Ecuador was good and also hard on our health! As we were up between 8-10,000 feet above sea level, our old frames rebelled – couldn't sleep a full night for the majority of the seven weeks there. The honor in seeing a quantity of converts since '76 was quite overwhelming!! We were blessed.


A dry cough while there caused problems with the prostate, which required a catheter to be worn until September 29 – which required a hospital stay for six days and which resulted in souls being touched in the VA hospital in Shreveport! God was orchestrating all of this.


Janis, in turn, went back to Ecuador for an operation for a prolapsed uterus. We have no coverage for her here in the US. Everything went fine – she is going 90 to nothing here. God has been so good to us!


Hugs to everybody there at Raging River Church!

Dale+ Janis

The Milhous Family

The Milhous' are reaching out to Japanese, primarily in the Boston area, through the Boston Japanese Christian Church (BJCC), which they started in 1995. Almost 10,000 Japanese people live in Greater Boston. Many come for several years to conduct business, to study or to do research in Boston hospitals. While here they are open to new experiences; yet they want a connection to something from home. Besides Sunday worship, children's ministries and weekly bible studies, conducted mostly in Japanese, the Milhous' spend time counseling, sharing the love of Christ, and assisting families in adjusting to the cross-cultural situation of life in th U.S. Since most of those to whom they minister are here temporarily and will eventually return to Japan, they are also helping to build the church in Japan. You can donate to their cause here

Dawn Birkner

Dawn Birkner serves in 3 focus areas: 1) Leading Japan Countryside Evangelism, a pioneer church planting ministry focused in the remaining unchurched areas of Japan (which are all in rural Japan). Her current main focus areas for direct church planting are in Iwaizumi (including Omoto), Tanohata, Fudai, and Noda Towns in Iwate Prefecture.  She has previously led church plants in two countryside towns in Kagawa Prefecture.  Dawn works in coastal Iwate now, which was impacted by the giant 3/11/2011 tsunami.   As part of the Iwate work, she also has responsibility for coordinating Christian volunteer recovery activities in the towns of Iwaizumi, Tanohata, and Noda. 2) Leading the nationwide Rural Japan Church Planting Network (www.rjcpn.japanmissions.com). 3) Leading Reaching Japan Together Association (RJTA), a receiving missions entity in Japan, and co-leading the closely partnering sending entity Reaching Japan Together (RJT) in the U.S.  Learn more about her organization from this site

Ian Smith

With less than 1% of the Japanese population having a saving faith in Jesus Christ, Ian has been called by God to the nation of Japan to help establish new churches in cooperation with local believers. Ian will work in partnership with the Japanese Baptist Church Association, with the goal of planting multiplying transformational churches. After the 3/11/2011 earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese people are opening up to the message of the gospel in unprecedented ways.


Please pray for:

Financial partnership development and learning the Japanese language, his safety and protection as Japan is a spiritually dark country, and his ability to be salt and light for the people of Japan


Learn more about Ian and his ministry here.

Katherine Mosher - Teacher at Rio International School

An international Christian school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, they focus on teaching children proper curriculum while acknowledging the Lordship of Christ.  Click here for their website.


Katherine requests that we pray for:

1. The students, that they would follow God in all that they do in a city with a lot of temptation.
2. The teachers and staff at RIS that they can continue as good role models for the students and in their Christian walk.





We also prayerfully support:

Converge Worldwide - who serve in seven regions around the world

Converge Northwest - Serving in 5 different states

Lake Retreat Campus and Adelphia Bible School - who has revemped their priorities and is serving Christ strongly again.


We also keep Diane Bricker's ministry at World Concern and Edith Johnson's Ministry in Trinidad in our prayers

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